VIP 1 Day Plus: Int’l Bestselling Book Program + Radio Concierge Program

$11,299 for BOTH Programs (sold separately these are $15,299)

BOOK - Your book will become an Amazon Bestseller--Guaranteed!

  • Your book will be promoted to over a million global following!
  • Hourly proof during launch as your book's rankings rise!
  • Book will be reviewed by our Global Advisory Board!
  • You will be interviewed on two popular radio programs
  • Your will be featured in Published Magazine
  • Your book will be set up on Amazon Kindle and Create Space
  • 100% of all royalty payments are made directly to you!
  • A professional press release is created and submitted

RADIO - Present yourself as an expert in your niche

  • Learn to be relaxed when interviewed on radio
  • to do a 5, 20, and 60-minute radio interview
  • Learn how to properly convey your message for radio
  • Understand what to prepare to be a radio guest
  • How to find best radio shows for your niche
  • How to set up your web site
  • Understand different types of radio shows and programs
  • Radio station vs. phone interview
  • Learn what makes you an excellent, sought-after radio guest
  • Know how to have radio show hosts recommend you
  • What to do after your radio interview
  • Web site and media package review
  • You learn how to consistently get better and gain credibility in your field

Includes Bestselling Book and Media Mastery to Get Booked on Radio
Radio Media Mastery Day is PRIVATE one-on-one for you only

You start from your current skill level and leave VIP Day as a Pro.

  • BONUS: Receive the $397 Radio Interview Bootcamp product right away: audios plus workbook now, for investing in the Bundle of both programs
  • BONUS: Receive a Radio Worksheet so all interview program details are in one place, valued at $59
  • BONUS: Receive 4 Instructional Radio Interview Videos, valued at $149

Go to: Speak Your Mind - Become a Radio Host debbidachinger.com/syml/

Debbi Dachinger

GROUP Class for RADIO: Workshop for 5-15 People of Advice, Coaching and Strategy*

  • $1,500 each participant
  • Organize 5 - 15 people for an intimate radio workshop day. 
  • Attendees pay $1500 each (organizer -you- attends free)
  • Same as Radio Interview Bootcamp above. The group experience creates synergistic results, learning and are fun!
  • *Price reflects a group of 5 (or more) people at $1500 / per person

* To Book ~write to us on CONTACT form let us know you have 5 or more people/ for a private group Radio mastery day, and what the particulars are.

OR Schedule an exclusive Concierge Level Private One Day with Debbi, completely focused on YOU, which covers all the critical information and “Industry Insider” strategies you need to promote your expertise and products “on the air,” while effortlessly booking free radio and podcast interviews.

Private One Day: $7,000 / 8 hour day plus lunch.

All the information you need – straight from an expert who consistently works both sides of the radio microphone.  Coach Debbi Dachinger has her own award-winning, syndicated radio show heard on 66 stations, and is interviewed weekly as a Media and Success expert.  She knows what is required and expected.  If being interviewed and exquisite while on air is what you desire – then Concierge Level Coaching is right for you!

  Coaching Part 1: How to Be Exquisite While Interviewed on Radio

  • How to keep calm during an interview and deliver your message
  • What exactly to do during an interview
  • What to avoid
  • What to bring
  • How to best deliver your message
  • The essentials to gather for each station, program or host
  • At-home exercise to promote your interviewing skills to pro status
  • What to do if you fumble or stumble while on air
  • The keys to being a terrific interview guest

  Coaching Part 2: How to Pitch Radio Shows and Create Media Kits

  • How to write a winning “pitch” for interviews?
  • Exactly what to include in communication, and what to leave out
  • What show producers are looking for when choosing interview guests
  • Who you want to approach and how
  • Buzz worthy ideas and news angles that get attention
  • The kinds of interview pitches that ALWAYS get covered
  • Your media kit and what it should contain
  • How to set up your web site so you can be interviewed at a moment’s notice

Coaching Part 3: Where to Book Radio Shows for Free, Radio Publicity Now, How to Get Booked Again and Again

  • What to say to get invited back again
  • What never to say on the air!
  • The entire radio interview process put together
  • Private Coaching: your skills skyrocket to confident, ease and pro

 If you want to learn the secrets of radio publicity directly from an expert who is currently on the radio interviewing and is also interviewed as an expert on radio shows, then this VIP level coaching is for you!

In this exclusive package, Debbi Dachinger shares her secrets from years of success on both sides of the radio microphone.  In fact, she has so much useful info that she gives bonus gifts including a radio workbook.  In the coaching package Debbi shares all the radio PR secrets she has used herself to get tons of free on-air publicity for her own books, products and business.

Register for a Concierge Level VIP Radio Mastery Day for Your Immediate Success!

The Proven Secrets to Free Radio Interview Publicity

How to Be Exquisite While Interviewed On Radio

"How can I get on the radio?” is the #1 question that entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, coaches and authors all ask.  Now radio coach, consultant, and expert Debbi Dachinger, has the answers to help you book radio interviews, easily too!

Is it time for groundbreaking publicity and training?

These Ground-Breaking Coaching Sessions will teach YOU how to get booked for radio and podcast interviews. As well as the skills to bring your “A” game and be an amazing radio interview guest.

OPTIONS: Hourly coaching sessions: $500/1 hour session, or $475/hr x 5 = 5 one hour coaching sessions for $2,375 (save $125), or $450/Hr x 10 sessions = $4,500 (save $500, 1 free session) for 10- 1 hour sessions.

All Welcome: Advanced Interviewers or Beginners.

Who Needs a Radio Coach Anyway?

  1. Are you getting the results you want?
  2. Are you booking radio shows?
  3. Do you get your message across?
  4. Do you get asked back to shows?
  5. Every personality type can be amazing on radio – the secret is how?
  6. Become so brilliant at your message that the shows and hosts come to you.
  7. Promote your business, book, product and personality successfully on air.
  8. Have all your systems in place so you are a Pro.
  9. Overcome all fear and concerns so your outcome is an easy, unique you on the air waves.
  10. Transform into a Confident, Knowledgeable Radio Interview Guest.



Media: Books
Why do Business People, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Speakers and Healers Struggle?
What’s Happening?

    Authors write a book and it doesn’t sell. They write a good book and that energy is for naught as the book is not properly marketed therefore is not known nor is it purchased nor read.
    Sometimes an author will attempt a bestseller book campaign and it is exhausting (it is!). Or they attempt a bestselling book campaign and it doesn’t work.
   Debbi takes clients to International Bestselling author status – the bestseller is a guarantee and all the work is done for the author.
   Authors are challenged because PR, marketing and launches are not in their wheelhouse (nor should it be); it is an unknown process. Books. Publishing. Interviews. Media. Much of it is new and can feel overwhelming.

The only requirement to be successful is to be open and willing to take action. Debbi creates the space for clients to do what they’re brilliant at while she handles the rest. Debbi’s clients find they can relax, or they can speak from the stage, or they can change careers or write another book. Once a client is operating successfully in media, they can shift things and create what they prefer in life and business.

  • Bestseller Book Launch Program
  • http://mybestsellerbook.com
  • Bestseller Guaranteed Book Launch: $7,500
  • Book Trailer Video (recommended), add $799